Aspen Creek Waterfall  LbNA # 19818 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 31 2005
LocationPrescott, AZ
Planted ByAnn    
Found By schwartzfamily
Last Found May 25 2011
Hike Distance?

This is a moderate, beautiful 3/4 mile hike along Aspen Creek that flows out of the mountains South West of Prescott. Be watchful of snakes and campers. Be descreet when working the found box as campers will trash it.
Find the Yavapai County Courthouse. Go south on Montezuma St. 1 mile. Pass Safeway on R., turn R. onto Copper Basin Rd. Go 1/2 ml. to Highland , turn R. Middlebrook is the 1st. L., turn left & go 1/2 ml. Rd. turns to dust after bridge. At Poplar Ave.Park, walk to R., over concrete creek crossing. Walk up gravel rd. to Aspen Creek trail sign. Follow trail markers, go thru. open gate, up a rock edged trail to"Stay on hiking trail" sign. Turn L.,walk the gauntlet between the "Private Property" fence and stone wall. Note golf course hole on R. Follow trail down to marker. Turn R. Cross creek and go R. parallel to creek. Cross creek 2nd time, go 12 paces, turn left ( golf c. on R. ) Walk to next trail mark, turn R. You'll pass a bench on R., pass the granite cliff on R. then the trail goes uphill, through triple S curves then drops back to creek. Bear R., go uphill. At top listen to the waterfall below left.Trail flattens out. When you get to a sharp R. turn you'll find 6 boulders on the L.Go left between where the two rocks nudge each other. Work your way trough the large boulder pods until you come to the edge above waterfall. To your right is a Juniper w/ a "private prop" sign left on it. CAREFULLY walk to the left of the Tree and 31/2 ft.high boulder. Count 7 paces from the seam just after the boulder to the drop off. Keep the 90* cliff shoulder to your right and go 11 paces to a large solitary boulder (on your R.) w/ a flat face looking right at you. It has a bowl-like facet at the top. Go around left side of boulder . The letterbox is hidden behind a rock in a gound squirrel home. Another clue is there's a small Pinion to the L. of box location.
Enjoy the waterfall, especially the lower side where the water has carved beautiful rills & pools. Also look for the leopard frogs. They are truely camouflaged.