Adam's Apple  LbNA # 19822

OwnerRad Rhymer    
Placed DateDec 31 2005
LocationLucas, KS
Found By Front Range Hiker
Last Found Sep 4 2009
Hike Distance?


Old Adam was sort of a lazy old cuss. Never bothered nobody or raised a big fuss. Didn’t have any neighbors, so that was a plus.
Havin’ people close by, made him squirm.
There were fisherman roamin’ all over the place, and old Adam preferred to just give’ em their space. Wouldn’t want to meet one of those dudes face to face.
Could be very bad news for a worm!

Yep! Old Adam, he stayed there inside of his hole. He was scared to come out in the open, poor soul! Didn’t wanna end up on the end of a pole.
Put that fellow in sort of a rut.
He’d be riskin’ his life if he came out for air, ‘cause, there might be a fisherman standin’ out there, and he’d grab him and head for a creek bank somewhere,
and he’d soon have a hook in his butt!

Well, that worm was a little depressed, I must say. You’d be too, if you lived in a dirt pile all day! He was longing to take off and be on his way.
Far from fishermen, that was his wish!
He could live on the moon, or perhaps Timbuktu. Maybe out on a desert somewhere in Peru! He’d be happy on Mars, just as long as he knew,
no one there ever heard of a fish!

So one morning, from out of his hole, Adam shrank, slowly crawled through some bushes and over a plank, thumbed his nose at a fisherman there on the bank,
and snuck off down the path, headed east.
No more dark, dingy holes in the ground! Free, at last! Let me tell you, old Adam was having a blast! It would take him awhile, ‘cause he wasn’t too fast,
but he wasn’t concerned in the least!

Well, he crawled for six months. Yes! Six months! Don’t forget, dear old Adam was slow. He’s a worm, not a jet! When the whistle said “Go!” he was still getting “Set!”
Eastward bound was the path he would take.
Well, he reached Russell County before night was due, and hit junction, K-18-K-232. Into Lucas he went, without further ado.
Eight miles south, you could find Wilson Lake.

On and on Adam crawled at his leisurely pace, but he stopped in his tracks when he came to a place with strange people and creatures all over the place,
hovering o’er him wherever he went.
Not one muscle they twitched! Not one move did they make, so he couldn’t quite tell. Were they real or just fake? They just stood there and watched Adam shiver and shake! You’d have thought they were made of cement!

Then he saw it! A sign there in front of his eyes, that said, “Garden of Eden,” to his great surprise. Was that really a fact, or perhaps a disguise?
It was really quite hard to believe!
But those words spoke the truth, at least one tiny speck, 'cause he noticed this guy reaching out, sure as heck, to the gal with the snake drooling down on her neck, and they looked just like Adam and Eve!

Well, ol’ Adam crawled ‘round to the porch in the front, and he crawled up the steps with a puff and a grunt, then crawled under the door and he started to hunt
for a place he could crawl in and hide.
‘Twas a counter ahead of him, there in plain sight, and he kept right on crawling with all of his might, ‘cause he had to find somewhere to sleep for the night,
so he hastily crawled up the side.

Then straight to the top, that determined worm went, then plumb over that counter he made his descent, and that’s where he picked up the heavenly scent
of an apple, all shiny and sweet.
Well, he hunted and searched ‘til he finally found, that delectable apple, so rosy and round, and he sniffed the whole thing like an ol’ huntin’ hound,
who was starvin’ for something to eat!

“This is interesting!” Adam declared, with a frown. “Could this be the same apple, Eve tried to chow down? Could it be from a grocery store somewhere in town?
Well, it really don’t matter, I guess.
It looks juicy and sweet, and it hasn’t been ate! If I lived in that apple, it sure would be great! Best of all, no one uses an apple for bait!
Where it came from, I couldn’t care less!”

Then, he crawled in that apple and curled up real tight, and he’s there to this day, ‘cause he’s out like a light. But if you find that apple, please don’t take a bite,
‘cause as far as taste goes, earthworms suck!

To find it, just follow my expert advice. Walk on up to the counter and ask them real nice, and they’ll let you see Adam. Say thanks, once or twice!
Now, have a great day, and good luck!