Angel Kisses  LbNA # 19851

OwnerRad Rhymer    
Placed DateDec 31 2005
LocationParadise, KS
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After some maintenance work, this letterbox is now back in place as of May 28, 2008. It is alive and well!

Little Abby was not what an angel should be. She was trouble, folks claimed, with a capital T. Her left wing was all twisted. Her halo was bent, and she got into mischief wherever she went!

That’s what caused all the turmoil one warm sunny day. Seems that angel went out in the front yard to play, and that wouldn’t scare most folks, not one little speck, but if you knew that kid, you’d be worried as heck!

She was there in the sand pile, and doing just great, ‘til she spied a gray tomcat race by the front gate. “Where you goin’ there, tomcat?” she yelled, in suspense, and in ten seconds flat, she flew over the fence.

Well, that scared the poor cat who took off in a toot, down the alley with Abby in frantic pursuit. She chased the poor thing to the outskirts of town, and before long, the sun was about to go down.

Then that cat disappeared in the blink of an eye! Abby looked all around, and she cried, “Where am I?” Then she stood there and stared, like a little lost pup, ‘cause, alas! The kid didn’t know which way was up!

“Which way’s north?” she exclaimed. “Which way’s west? Which way’s south? Where’d my house go?” she whimpered, her heart in her mouth. “What the heck happened to that dumb highway I crossed!” Yep! No ifs, ands, or buts… little Abby was lost!

Well, she kept right on truckin’, and that was a shame, ‘cause the farther she went, the more lost she became. She would give her right wing to be home, safe and sound, but it seems Paradise was nowhere to be found!

That confused little angel flew mile after mile! When her wings got real tired, she hoofed it awhile. She was hungry and grumpy. “Oh, this is just swell,” she complained.
“With my luck, I could end up in ………” (San Francisco.)

Then, all at once, right there in front of her eyes was a sign, and she stood there and stared in surprise. It said Interstate 70, plain as could be. “What’s with this?” exclaimed Abby. “Don’t make sense to me!”

But she walked down that highway, then flew a bit more, then she stopped and she read, “Exit 184.” Next, she turned and flew north like a shot from a gun, straight on down that long highway marked 281.

Well, she soon came to Russell and said, “This is nice! It looks friendly and all, but it ain’t Paradise. Man! It sure isn’t my fault that I lost my way! It’s that doggone old tomcat who led me astray!”

“I hate cats! They’re bad news!” Abby said, with a scoff. Seems that sweet little angel was thoroughly ticked off! Sixteen miles down the highway she plopped down to rest at the first intersection, and then she flew west.

Well, she flew three more miles, then to her pure delight, the great Tower of Babel was there in plain sight! “Wow! I made it!” she cried. “Here it is! Paradise! If I can’t find my house, that’ll sure stink on ice!”

Well, she walked to the letters, nineteen thirty eight, then took off from that place at a very slow gate. Up ahead Abby noticed some nice cedar trees, so she walked sixteen paces at sixty degrees.

At one forty degrees, she walked eight paces more, and that’s when she saw it! Her awesome front door! She took out her key and she unlocked the lock, then she crawled into bed and she slept like a ROCK!

You are welcome to visit that sweet little miss, ‘cause that angel’s reformed, and she’ll give you a kiss. But, she’ll slam the front door in your face, just like that, if she looks out and sees you are holding a cat!