Sylvester(BOX REPORTED MISSING 2008)  LbNA # 19854 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 2 2006
LocationHyattstown, MD
Planted By
Found By amun ra
Last Found Jun 17 2007
Hike Distance?

Hope you went across the street and got the Yosemite box first. Now, using the same driving directions as the Yosemite Sam box, when you get to the bottom of the steep hill, turn LEFT onto Hyattstown Mill Road. (***NOTE*** Hyattstown Mill Rad can be accessed from Clarksburg Road and from 355, However, the old ford in the road has been shut down for a long time now and you can't travel all the way through this road.) Anyway, now that you are on Hyattstown Mill road, (from Clarksburg road), go all the way to the end to EARL'S PICNIC AREA. Park there and stand on Earl's rock. Take a compass reading of 40 degrees and head for a 7in1 tree that is about 30 steps away. He is hidden in the middle of the tree.

"thatz dizzspickable"