chocolate moose  LbNA # 19878

Placed DateDec 25 2005
LocationHamilton, MT
Found By RaceFamily
Last Found Jun 9 2013
Hike Distance?

Replaced and updated 3/2/13

On Hamilton's Main Street head west (toward the Bitterroot Mountains)then turn left on 9th street.
At the end of 9th street there are two parks, the Kwannis Park and River Park. These clues are for River Park.

Welcome to the River Park! Follow the paved path to the 3rd Moose sign. (You may want to read the signs because they give you good information about the moose habitat that you are about to enter. Believe me there are real Moose in this park. I know that it is hard to believe because it is a popular place for all to walk.)
From the Bruce the Moose sign turn left and take 145 paces to the Eagle Scout Bridge.
Cross the Bridge. Turn left from the end of the Bridge and take 136 paces along the dried up river bed trail.
Take 30 paces up the hill (left) to another fork. Take the right branch and walk 72 paces toward the Como Lake Peaks.
When you reach the cement circle (on the left of the path) walk 112 paces along the river bank trail (to your left when you are facing the river). Careful here because the Moose Family likes this branch of the River.
Take the right main branch again and walk 112 paces to a small clearing.
Turn left (away from the river)and take 5 paces turn right and take five paces to the stump. Be careful this place is very busy. Much busier than when I originally placed it.

Good Luck and enjoy the wildlife!