Finger Rock  LbNA # 19905

Placed DateDec 30 2005
LocationTucson, AZ
Found By navywife727
Last Found May 3 2014
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 2.2 miles one way to box, ranges from easy to moderately strenuous walk, another .4 miles to end of trail, Bring lots of water.
Stamp: Hand Carved

Drive: Follow East Skyline Drive to North Alvernon Way. Turn north on Alvernon and follow it to a parking lot for hikers at its northern dead end.

The hike will take you through an absolutely gorgeous mix of Sonoran Desert vegetaion. It also has numerous switchbacks and occasionally requires some hiking up slabs of bare rock. When this happens, the trail is marked by smalls cairns to guide the way.

Starting at the trail head, proceed up the trail for a minute or 2 to a trail junction. Finger Rock Canyon trail goes to the left, you want to take the trail to the right which is the shared route for both Pontatoc Canyon and Pontatoc Ridge trails.

At the next trail junction, the Pontantoc Canyon Trail goes to the left and the right fork is Pontatoc Ridge. Take the right fork.

A little more than 2 miles into the hike, you will come to a saddle (overlook). To the south, is Swan Road and the city of Tucson. To the north, is the beautiful vista of Finger Rock. Stand at the large rock at the overlook. Walk 12 paces at 45 degrees from north to the "chopped" off Sagauro with 3 visible arms (it has 4 but the small one is hidden when you are looking from the big rock). By the Saguaro is an an old man-made stone that says "Squall's Rest" in small white stones on the top. Look for the triangular rock on the north side of the Saguaro. The box is under this rock. Please be considerate replace the box exactly as you found it.

I wouldn't recommend this box in the middle of summer unless you can bring a LOT of water. Sunscreen,snacks, and water are recommended.

The standard warning applies when reaching for letterboxes in Arizona:
Rattlesnakes and “mean” things abound,
please take a stick and poke around.
It may save your hand or your life
and help to avoid loads of strife!