Sligo Creek Park  LbNA # 19918 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 7 2006
LocationSligo Creek Park, Silver Spring, MD
Found By LuckyStar
Last Found May 2 2010
Hike Distance?

Driving Directions:
Take the Beltway (Rte. 495) and get off at the Georgia Ave North Exit #31. Turn at your first right onto Forest Glen, and take your third left onto Dameron Drive. Park on the right side of Dameron Road between Myrtle and Sherwood. Walk to the playground, and then continue walking to the path in Sligo Creek Park.

Letter Box 1:
Turn left (north) onto the path in Sligo Creek Park. Walk along the path, and cross 1 bridge. Walk about 5 minutes to a fork in the path, where you can cross Sligo Creek on stepping stones or on a bridge. After you cross Sligo Creek, walk 62 paces until you reach a dirt path. Turn left onto the dirt path. Continue on the path, past a double tree trunk on the right, past a small waterfall on the left, and continue to the end of the path. Turn around and walk back 25 paces. On your left is a big log. You will find the letter box under the log.

Letter Box 2:
Return to your starting point where you entered Sligo Creek Park at the playground. Face the Sligo Creek Park path with your back towards Dameron Road where you parked your car.
Turn right (south) onto the path in Sligo Creek Park. Walk along the path, and cross Forest Glen Rd. Continue walking on the path past Holy Cross Hospital on your right and go under the bridge. Continue walking across a small bridge with metal handrails. As you walk about 215 paces, you will pass one big tree on your right, another big tree on your right, and then stop at a small clump of 6 trees on your right. Ahead are two big trees growing very close to each other, and on your left about 20 feet towards the stream are three rotting logs with their tips crossed in a point. You will find the letter box under the place where the three logs meet, on the side closest to the stream.