King in Okahumpka  LbNA # 19926

OwnerThe Christmas Elves      
Placed DateDec 24 2005
LocationLeesburg, FL
Found By The Christmas Elves
Last Found Mar 21 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 19 2015

Confirmed in Place and Updated Clue: 3/21/2015*
Terrain: Level
Estimated Hike Distance: Less than 1 mile round-trip

Visitors to this city will find a well groomed park with a path honoring a charismatic King whose speeches promoted freedom and equality. Explore the Memorial Walkway, which inspired this letterbox, and become reacquainted with his dream.

Then, head southwest of town to contrast the city’s park with the county’s wilder preserve. There are several miles of trails to enjoy. Listen and look for wildlife along the way. We spotted an armadillo during our visit, which was a treat since we don’t see them in our northern parks. As with other Florida letterboxes, please bring your insect repellant.

Take the trail onto this Flat Island surrounded by marsh. Before long, you’ll reach the second intersection leading to the wildflower meadow. Retrace your steps, 60 of them, and look between two sentinels to a V tree. The King in Okahumpka is waiting, under the right arm of the V tree, midway along and tucked behind the east side of the fallen log and covered by a smaller log.

Please stamp in discreetly and then carefully return the King in Okahumpka to his home. If you have time, enjoy the day by continuing along the trail, enjoying the variety and taking the boardwalk to the canoe landing.

We are unable to maintain this letterbox frequently, so status updates are appreciated. If the letterbox is damaged, please contact us to arrange for its return. If you are a local letterboxer willing to help care for this box, please contact us.

*During our 2015 visit, the logbook was full on one side, so please continue stamping on the second side. Also, the clue was updated since some of the original landmarks did not have the same longevity as the letterbox.

**10/19/2015 the log was reported as being soaked. If you're able to do some maintenance when you visit, we'd appreciate it as we won't be in the area for a quite a while.