Highways of Warren County  LbNA # 19957

OwnerNJ Carole    
Placed DateNov 27 2005
LocationHackettstown, NJ
Found By twinmom
Last Found Mar 20 2011
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This is a series of 5 driveby stamps that must all be found to finish the image. They need to be positioned as follows:

#2 #1
#3 #4

We recommend blue ink for stamps 1 and 2; green ink for stamps 3 and 4; and light green, light blue and green for stamp 5. We tried the new screw on lid disposable plastic Ziploc containers – please let us know what you think!! The boxes will all eventually be wrapped in camouflage fabric. Please be aware that as these are rest areas we cannot be responsible for trash left by others, and we are sorry if this is present!!

Stamp #1
Heading East on Interstate 80 from exit 4 in Columbia, NJ, drive to the Tourist Information Center at about milepost 7. Follow the sign for cars and go past the restrooms to the scenic overlook. Drive up the hill and park in the very first parking spot on the left. From this spot go the west side of the old stonewall that should be directly in front of you. View the Delaware Water Gap to the west – this will be the common thread throughout this series of stamps. From the south end of the stone wall walk 39 paces (2 steps) and note a large tree in the stone wall to your right. Look at the base of the west side of this tree for what you seek.

Stamp #2
Get back on Interstate 80 and go east past exit 19. There will be another scenic overlook that you need to go to. Drive to the upper parking level and park. Sit at the western most picnic bench and look left while again admiring the view of the Water Gap. Go 6 paces the “wrong way” and notice a rocky (please be careful) trail that heads up the hill. At about 23 paces there is a 2-foot high stump on your right. Now walk another 23 paces at 250 degrees along a makeshift trail in the woods (The parking lot will be on your right and you will cross 1 fallen tree and should notice a short rock cliff to your left.) to a second fallen tree. Look about 160 degrees along this second fallen tree (towards the cliff) for a third fallen tree. In the base of this third fallen tree is what you seek.

Stamp #3
Get back on Interstate 80 and go east to exit 27 A & B. Take this exit and cross under Interstate 80 to head back to Interstate 80 west. As you cross back into Warren County, you will drive up Allamuchy Mountain. Do not stop at the rest area, but stop at the scenic overlook, just after the rest area and just before exit 19, and again view the Water Gap. Yes, you are just opposite the last stamp. Go to the east corner of this parking lot and walk past a stone garbage can. Head NE down the hill, through the woods and across rocks to a huge slanted rock (be cautious of a man made hole in the ground to the right of this rock). What you seek is under the North corner of this huge boulder, under some smaller rocks and leaves.

Stamp #4
Get back on Interstate 80 west and go past exit 12 to the scenic area at around milepost 7. Once again you are able to view the Water Gap from another beautiful spot. Yes, you are opposite stamp #1 now. From the first parking spot as you pull in, go 44 paces SSW to 2 white birch. As you face them stand at the one to the right (closer to Interstate 80) and walk 7 paces at 300 degrees into the woods (towards the highway). As you enter the woods you should see a large oak tree – at this tree look to your left (195 degrees) along an old stone wall to a shaggy tree with a large vine growing up it. What you seek is at the base under some stones.

Stamp #5
Okay, your image should be coming together at this point – 1 stamp left. Yup, you guessed it, back on Interstate 80 heading west. You get to drive into the Water Gap and view this wonder of nature up close and personal. Drive past exit 4 and through the curves of the Gap. Just beyond milepost 1, take a right off of Interstate 80 and drive parallel to interstate 80 for a very short distance. Then go under Interstate 80 towards the National Recreation Area. Once you go under Interstate 80 go right and then left into the first parking area. This is a beautiful spot to admire the river even with the highway SO close. Facing the information board cross over the split rail fence and heads towards and past the picnic tables to the very last table. From this walk 6 paces at 160 degrees and then 4 paces at 90 degrees to a SPOR (suspicious pile of rocks). You will find what you seek in this pile of rocks. There are other boxes in this area so make sure you check it out prior to heading out.