Fly, Be Free!  LbNA # 19973

OwnerPuzzler's Guides    
Placed DateJan 13 2006
LocationBoulder, CO
Found By Johnny
Last Found May 19 2010
Hike Distance?

It's fun for kayaking, but it closes at dark,
start your adventure at Eben G Fine ______

For cover in rain or so you don't swelter,
pass your first landmark - the picnic _________

Cross the bridge over Boulder Creek, it isn't a runnel,
go under the highway via the ___________

Around the curve keep to the right, if you will
follow the wall up the small but steep ________

If you want to find the box you'll have to use your gourd,
take a left onto the dirt trail at the Welcome to Red Rocks info _________

It's not much farther now so please don't fail,
take a right at the sign for the Red Rocks _________

Keep on going now before it gets any darker,
bear East up the slope before the Historical ___________

If you've never been here before you'll think you won the lotto,
as you go along the Settlers Quarry Trail to the ________

To find your prize look southeast in a line,
sight for a triangular rock from the No Camping and No Fires ________

On the south side of that one, hidden with some smaller rocks,
you'll find the hiding place of the Fly, Be Free! _____________