Salute Vallejo!  LbNA # 19984 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 1 2005
LocationSonoma, CA
Planted ByOBJuan    
Found By Angela Anderson
Last Found Apr 4 2015
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This is an easy, drive-by letterbox.

In 1840 I was hired by Jules Verne to take him to General Mariano Vallejo’s Rancho in Petaluma. Vallejo, only 10 years my senior, was the Comandante General of Alta California and owned the largest rancho in the northern half of this territory. He later was a member of the California Constitutional Convention that lead to statehood and a State Senator. Senator was the prefect title for Vallejo; he was kind, generous, wise and, although had lived all of his adult life in isolated California, somehow quite worldly.

It was near Vallejo’s rancho where I was introduced to time travel. Verne and to a lesser extent Vallejo were both experienced time travelers.

In 1852, Vallejo built his home in Sonoma, the town he had laid out several years earlier. The Salute Vallejo letterbox is a short distance from his house.

Clues: From the square in the heart of Sonoma, proceed east on East Napa St. for a distance slightly less than a mile. Turn left into the St Francis Colono Catholic Cemetery. In the northeast corner of the cemetery is a statue of Jesus. About 3 ft to the right of it behind the wall on the ground is the letterbox. Please be discreet & respectful while in the cemetery. Vallejo’s house is now a State Park and is located about a mile west of the square. If time permits, you should visit it.

Mariano Vallejo was my friend, Salute Vallejo!

Your Servant, OBJuan