Pine Hill  LbNA # 19993 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBlue Butterfly      
Placed DateJan 14 2006
LocationFrankston, TX
Found By Mothers Love
Last Found Mar 26 2008
Hike Distance?

Planted by: Blue Butterfly
Stamped carved by PSGuru


This box is tribute to my Daughter-in-laws Grandparents, Miller and Daphne Dial, Who were the original owners of this Golf Course. At that time, it was known as Pine Hill Golf Course. She grew-up living and playing among the greens and sand traps. It has been expanded, and a lot has changed, but the memories will last forever. The course is ranked among the 20 best golf courses in Texas.

Directions: From Frankston, Tx. Take hwy 155 South 6.4 miles. Turn right on CR 319. Your will be entering Pine Dune Resort and Golf Course.

To the Box:
1. Go 0.1 miles form entrance. Park on side of road. Walk to the left side of the road where there is a fallen log with white bark. Stand witht the log on your right and about 3 or 4 feet from the log facing the wood.

2. From the edge of the road, walk about 28 steps to a double trunk tree. The box is behind this tree under debris. The box is a medicine bottle so, please push down and turn to open. Please be careful of snakes and stickers. Re-hide well and let me know the status of the box. After finding the box, cruise on down to the Golf course. Its a nice drive.