Lions Park duo  LbNA # 20062

Ownertx dragonfly    
Placed DateJan 13 2006
LocationTemple, TX
Found By Stepping By Faith
Last Found May 4 2013
Hike Distance?

Lions Park duo

12/25/08 new clues for both boxes. Check directions to park - you might want to map it due to construction on loop 363 and exits/roads being changed. I'm no longer in the area, so I won't be able to check it to write accurate directions for a while.

From I-35, take loop 363 east ((((exit 299, NOT exit 304). You want to make your way to Thornton Lane.)))) Stay in the left lane and turn left onto Hickory. (It’s at the light). Turn right into Lions Community Park and park in the first parking spaces on the right.

Easy .5mi 35min round trip Handcarved stamps

The tiny butterfly stamp was replaced 11/23/06 and a 2nd logbook replaced the 1st.
1/11/08 Tiny Butterfly is most likely missing again and will need to be replaced in a new location.
12/25/08 Tiny Butterfly recarved and replanted for the 2nd time - in a new location. Lions Park has been moved to a new place, also, since the original spot ended up being right between 2 holes of frisbee golf.

To the 1st Box: Walk down the unpaved path(uneven and rocky)that is to the right side of the parking lot. Turn left onto the path marked by a 4x4 with the top cut on a slant. Turn left when you come to the clearing/wide path on your left. You will see a wide cedar tree standing by itself. Go past it and stop at the next tree standing by itself. (This tree has no limbs except on the uppermost section). Look to your left for a cedar tree that is almost as wide as the first cedar. Go to it and look on the side of the tree that faces the main (stone) path. About two to two and a half feet up, near where a broken branch points out toward you and under a vine, you will find the Tiny Butterfly microbox. Please secure back into place and make sure that the box is disguised with leaves or such. (Note - this vine did not look like poison ivy to me, BUT, it was leafless when I planted it, so I can't be sure of that.)

Return to the rocky "main" path and continue down it, past the long tall wooden barrier on your right. Pick up the concrete path and follow it. Look for the pond and go check it out.

When you are done, return and walk past the small rectangle building and the covered area, with both to your left. You will see through the trees some picnic tables. Go to them. Take the gravel and grass path with the 5 large boulders marking it's beginning. You will pass frisbee golf hole number 21. On your left, you will see a cedar tree with many trunks radiating out and then come to a path (also on the left). Take this path until you get to the point that you can see it gets steeper and ends perpendicular to another path. (Don't go all the way down). Turn around and look to your right for the largest cedar tree nearby. Take the step or so up to it and the box will be on the back side of it under a rock (and wedged in by a couple others). Please block it back in with the rocks.

From there, you can go back to the path, turn left, and follow the path until you come back to the wide rocky one where you turn right and back to your car. Or you can cut across the paths for a quicker way back to your car.

(I repaired, relocated and replaced in a hurry, as it was getting dark, so please let me know if these clues are hard to follow or inaccurate).

If you drive down the road through the park, you’ll find a nice playground, another small play area, a pool, paved trails, various sport fields, and some bronze statues.