Chicken Fingers Hideout  LbNA # 20068 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 15 2006
LocationWallace, ID
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Wallace, Idaho, the perfect town for a romantic liason
If lovers be from the far flung towns of MSO and CDA
At the end of a weekend hiding-out in the old triple brothel
We placed this box for you to search and hopefully find.

The town itself is full of history and secrets
And this box is hidden within steps of her greatest feats.
Under the Interstate it lies, along the pedestrian walk.
Start at the old Train Station with it's ying and yang.

Cross the river and take a moment to watch the rushing water.
Then turn towards Seattle and listen to the semi's above.
Count one, two, three, four big columns supporting the road.
Then stop and look across the river at the buildings beyond.

If you see the old Brick Library to your right,
A small white Statue of Mr. Mullan straight in front,
And a sign proudly advertising Chicken Fingers,
You are in the place where we too stood.

The Box is hidden behind the column behind you
Under a rock at the base of the concrete wall
Enjoy your walk and enter something fun
And re-hide the box for whoever comes next.