Rocky Butte  LbNA # 2007

Placed DateDec 24 2001
LocationPortland, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

This volcanic cone used to overlook the site of the county jail but today it is best suited to passing, not doing, time. This is a great spot to visit on a clear day. The panoramic views of the city, rivers and volcanic peaks are unrivaled.

To the trailhead:
From downtown Portland head east on I-84 to the 68th Avenue exit. Continue east on NE Halsey to NE 92nd. Go north on NE 92nd to NE Rocky Butte Drive. Go right, up to the top of the butte. Park here.

To the letterbox:
At the top of this hill you will meet a doctor. Once the two of you are face to face, walk directly to the wall on your right. Count the lamps as you walk clockwise along this wall. Between the 12th and 13th lamps you will find a brass survey marker. From this marker take a compass reading of 235 degrees magnetic to a “No Parking” sign. Behind this sign are stairs. Go down this trail until you come to a hard, cold seat for one. Seated upon this lithic perch you will see a downhill trail in front of you. Head down the hill until you are standing on stone, a keystone at 110 and a padlock to your right. Take six uphill steps to a loose stone on your right.

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