Royal Angler  LbNA # 2009

Placed DateFeb 25 2002
LocationEstacada, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?
Last EditedMar 14 2016

Search for this letterbox at Milo McIver State Park, the site of the regionís largest hippie rock Festival,Vortex I, back during the Summer of Love.

Jousting Knights and their ladies fair can be spotted on the sweeping lawns of this 952 acre park, when the Society for Creative Anachronism stages one of their events here. This park is not far from Portland and makes for an easy day trip and an enjoyable hike along the Clackamas River, past a Chinook salmon hatchery and through the surrounding forests. Allow an hour for letterboxing while youíre here.

to the trailhead: from Portland, go south on I-205 to the Estacada exit #12b. Go east on highway 212, forking right to the small town of Carver. Donít blink. The road forks in Carver where you will go right across the Clackamas River and follow the signs about ten miles to the park. Inside the park (day use fee charged) head for the parking lot for Riverside picnic area. Walk back along the entry road past the boat ramp to the trailhead marked by three posts.

to the letterbox: This is an equestrian trail so count on mud if itís been raining. Stay on the main equestrian trail along the river, up the bluff and into the forest. Ignore the numerous smaller trails that veer off. When you come to a major four way intersection, take the trail at 110 degrees magnetic. The next intersection will be a three way and you take the path at 270 degrees. If you need a rest, your rustic room is just ahead. After youíve taken a dozen steps between bands of white, continue on the path downhill. At he bottom of the hill the trail will meet up with a dirt road. Turn towards the cedars and proceed past steely objects white and green. After you have crossed two bridges, keep your eyes to the right. Find the nurse with a youngster sprouting from her top. The letterbox lives behind the nurse sheltered by a mossy door. After you stamp in, continue on the same trail. Turn right at the T and you will soon be back at your car.

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