Step-High  LbNA # 20105

Ownerotter woman    
Placed DateJan 20 2006
LocationGowen Place, Bainbridge Island, WA
Found By Trillium
Last Found Mar 23 2014
Hike Distance?

Step-High Letterbox
Bainbridge Island, Washington

Via the ferry:
Take a ride on the Bainbridge Island ferry. Board at Coleman Dock on Alaskan Way in Waterfront Seattle. When it docks, take a left turn at the first stoplight and drive through the Winslow Way shopping district. Turn right onto Madison Aveune, the first stop sign. Turn left at the next stop sign onto Wyatt Way.
Proceed along Wyatt Way for .6 miles until you approach St. Barnabus Episcopal Church on the left. Turn left onto Gowen Place, NW. Continue past the church parking lot.. Stay on Gowen Pl for .3 miles, keeping left as Gowen becomes a single lane asphalt road and winds past a willow pond. Stop just before an iron gate marked Private.
At this point, you see a brown & white sign: “City of Bainbridge Island Public Road End” and two parking spaces. A leafy trail begins between the sign and the parking. Canter on down to the water’s edge. You are looking at Eagle Harbor, the head of the bay. (The ferry dock is near the mouth of Eagle Harbor.) Sit quietly on the wood bench. Perhaps a flotilla of buffleheads or wood ducks will swim by. Is the tide coming in or going out?
After you admire the water view, retrace your steps up to the trailhead and walk north 28 pony paces. On the right, you will see two homes, the first is a 2-story brown, the second is a 2-story yellow. Look toward the 6-sided brown and white gazebo and peek between the two large fir trees.
NEIGH…….Who’s that? It’s a statue of ME, Step-High the bronze colt. (Important: I am beautiful, but I belong to the family in the yellow house, so enjoy my noble profile from the road.) I’m a wild pony, so don’t approach or pet me.
You will find my letterbox hidden under a foot-long split fir log at the base of the large (southernmost) fir on the right, on the side closest the road. Congratulations, you are a Blue Ribbon Letterboxer.

Via SR 305:
Cross Agate Pass Bridge onto Bainbridge Island. Continue on 305 until the stoplight at Madison Avenue. Turn right, passing the Bainbridge Fire Station and continue on Madison through the roundabout until you reach the four-way stop at Madison & Wyatt Way Turn right onto Wyatt Way and continue to follow the directions from there