The Bear's Pause  LbNA # 20147

Placed DateJan 19 2006
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
LocationVictoria, BRC
Planted ByTeamNorthwestPassage    
Found By The Buzzrites
Last Found Sep 13 2009
Hike Distance?


This box is located on Bear Hill, which is a small hill near the Pat Bay Highway halfway towards Sidney. The box is located at the hill's summit; allow roughly half-an-hour to climb to the top. Please remember to bring your own ink pad.

Follow the Pat Bay Highway from Victoria. Turn left on Sayward Road (which is near Elk Lake), left again on Hamsterley Road, then right on Brookleigh Road. Turn right on Oldfield Road, then right on Bear Hill Road, which leads to the park entrance. Allow approximately 25 minutes driving time from Victoria.

(Note: we followed the directions above, and suddenly came across a "Bear Hill Road" sooner than we expected. Stick to the directions above, and ignore any similarly named roads! We were also surprised to find a small, country gift shop that sold a few goodies at the corner of Oldfield and Bear Hill, so bring a few dollars for a snack, if you are so inclined. A map and more detailed directions can be found here.)


Park in the small parking lot at the bottom of the hill. Make your way up the well-marked trail. At the summit marker, head out to the open area, and enjoy a snack and the view.

Facing the view, look to your left and notice an inviting rock path, which disappears over a bank. Walk to the edge of this bank, and look down.

Make your way down this short path and stop when you come to an intersection.

Stay straight, and continue up the small zig-zagging trail for 26 paces. Stop.

Continue to your left now, taking 13 more paces in the direction of another view.

Take 21 paces to get up and around the large, smooth rock.

Note the ergonomic ridge ahead. Hibernate in this natural seat in front of you if you'd like, but remember where you stopped.

From your previous stopping point, take 16 paces on the path to your left. Stop! To your right, you will find a perfect hollow letterbox hiding spot--but no box yet!

Peering into this hollow, shift your gaze ever so slightly to the left, and you will be gazing towards where you want to go.

Veering off the trail, head in this new direction for 19 paces. Here you will find a gathering of large rocks.

Make your way around the rocks, keeping the rocks to your left, until your progress is stopped by a small, natural rock wall.

Look down, and you'll find what you came for!