Where There's Honey...  LbNA # 20155 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 22 2006
LocationNew Bern, NC
Found By Mahatma Dondi
Last Found Jul 14 2006
Hike Distance?

Where There's Honey...

From Highway 70, take the Trent Woods/Pembroke exit and follow the signs to the historic downtown area. As you travel down Pollock Street, you’ll cross railroad tracks, Middle Street, and then make a right onto Craven Street. Park anywhere here.

The beautiful city of New Bern was settled in the early 1700’s by Baron Christopher de Graffenried from Bern, Switzerland. The word “bern” means “bear.” And, you don’t have to look that close to find the symbol all over New Bern.

It’s a pretty sweet town for a bear—literally! There’s the Cow Cafe, Bear City Fudge, Baker’s Square, Marina Sweets, and more. This hunt will take you to the heart of our Bear Town.

Start out in front of Mitchell’s Hardware, facing the Orange Cat and Trent River Coffee Co. Head down the sidewalk to your left. At the intersection, you’ll meet your first “Bern.” Look across the street to City Hall and see if you can spot some more!

Turn to your left and head down Pollock Street. You’ll come to a crosswalk leading across to Christ Episcopal Church. Look at the crosswalk closely for another hidden friend.

At the next intersection, turn left onto Middle Street. Just past Bynum’s Drug Store you’ll find Bear Plaza, in the heart of downtown New Bern and central to all of the sugary sweet places to eat. So, where there’s honey, there’s bound to bears...and bees. Walk past the bears and to the benches under the archway. Have a seat on the right bench, facing the Bern Fudge Factory. If you sit to the far left of the bench and reach your right arm over the backside of the bench you’ll find the treasure amongst the pretty green ground cover.

This is sometimes a very popular area, so be careful that no one catches you finding or replacing the box.

Happy hunting!