Deryni Series  LbNA # 20157

OwnerDouble Tree    
Placed DateJan 16 2006
LocationResort Drive, North Umpqua, OR
Found By Merlandese
Last Found Sep 6 2014
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Recently my spouse and I spent 4 days at Diamond Lake playing in the snow. We snowmobiled, snowshoed, and rode innner tubes down a hill. We woke up to 6 to 10 inches of new snow each morning. It was beautiful there. Mt. Bailey looms over one side of Diamond Lake, while Mt. Thielsen towers over the other. Both are spectacular to see. In the cold, dark evenings, it's nice to spend time in the lodge next to the fire with a good book, or with wireless internet.

I placed 3 boxes along an easy, family-length walk. I had to dig in the snow to plant these. Depending on snow-pack, you may not be able to get the boxes, but there was around a foot in this area, when I placed these in January, which wasn't bad. You just might have a hard time recognizing the rocks and stumps...

My favorite series of books is by Katherine Kurtz. The Deryni are a race of people blessed, or cursed, with magical powers. Because of past abuses of their powers, Deryni have become hated and feared by humans. To complicate matters, Deryni appear human in every way. This leads to suspicion and fear among people of conspiracies and mind-control. Deryni leaders work to prove to the people, the church hierarchy, and to their king that a man must be judged by his character and actions, rather than by the accident of his birth. Kings must strive to control violence, often against the workings of the church. Set in midieval times, these books are very realistically written, sometimes very dark, and always intriguing. I took the images for the stamps from the official Katherine Kurtz website, with permission from the webmasters.

Camber. Sometimes called Saint Camber, and sometimes called Camber the Heretic, he is a known-Deryni, but uses his powers sparingly, and subtly. When a friend and confidante of the king is killed in a battle, he uses magic to assume the face of his friend, and continue the work of advising the new king toward tolerance of Deryni, while letting the world believe it is himself who was killed in the battle.

Start on the trail behind the studio rooms (we stayed in #13). Walk counterclockwise. Just past where the railing ends, on your right there will be a thick, rounded tree root sticking out into the trail. There is a stump behind that tree. Look there.

Jehana. Queen and mother of the young Prince Kelson, and widow of the murdered King Brion, Jehana has been raised to believe that Deryni are evil. During the coronation of her son too young placed on the throne, King Kelson is attacked by a Pretender to the throne, Charissa, a powerful Deryni. It is only then, when her son is in a magical battle for his life, that the Deryni powers within Jehana come to life in defense of him, and she learns of her Deryni heritage. So too begins her internal struggle to deal with the reality of magic in her soul.

Continue on down the trail. Soon you will pass a VERY large ponderosa pine on your left, a 4-5' boulder a few feet beyond it, and then a very thickened and twisted fir tree, with many big branches coming out of it from near the base. It also has a kink in it about 15' up. Just beyond THAT tree is a 5' downed log. Between it and the 8" diameter tree, and under bark, you will find the box.

Morgan. Half-Deryni and a Duke by birth, he is also the King's Champion. Because of his position of power, and because he refuses to apologize for and renounce his Deryni powers, the church focuses its attempts to control the power and influence of Deryni, on him. But he is Champion of the young King, was friend and advisor to the old King as well, and is a well-loved leader of his dukedom, so the church must tread carefully. Moreover, because the young King Kelson is now understood to be half-Deryni in addition to the powers he holds as the Divine Right of Kings, the church secretly resorts to using torture, treachery, and finally public excommunication and Interdict to try to control their wayward flock...

Once you reach the 2nd railing, look for the boulder on your right. A log butts up against it on its left. Another log forms a V at the other end. Look in the crook of the two logs.