Fish Ranch  LbNA # 20158

Placed DateJan 22 2006
CountyContra Costa
LocationOrinda, CA
Planted Bylisascenic    
Found By flyingcrane
Last Found May 10 2010
Hike Distance?

Fish Ranch

I'm totally delighted by the name Fish Ranch Road. It makes me think of rough, tough cowboys out on the range, using some great western verb on their fish. Poking? Rasslin'? Lassoing? I also picture the fish as big as cows, stampeding across the dusty plains.

This letterbox is an easy drive-by, with a spectacular view. If you are a super-hero, you can ride your bike to this letterbox, and I will be eternally in awe of you!

To find this letterbox, take the eponymous Fish Ranch Road to Grizzly Peak Road. Turn left on Grizzly Peak, towards Sibley Park and away from Tilden. You will pass a private road on your right, marked with a large wooden sign and some imposing cacti.

Park at the next turnout on the right. Walk back towards the private drive, and pause at the large stump to admire the superlative view. Then carefully (really, please be very careful, there's quite a drop off) examine the downhill roots of this stump.

Yippee, Cowgirl!!!