Evergreen  LbNA # 20169

OwnerPuzzler's Guides    
Placed DateJan 20 2006
LocationBoulder, CO
Found By 'the petsitter'
Last Found Oct 27 2008
Hike Distance?

"Talk to water" Park is where you'll start your quest.
On the trail of the same name, heading to the ___________.

Up the hill you'll go, take the third trail to the right,
Poles aren't needed, sunglasses if it's ______________.

Through the gateway of pines, you won't have to go too far,
Look for a fallen tree, like the bottom of a "K" or "__."

Where the fallen tree meets the ground, you'll find letterbox Evergreen,
Please hide it again carefully, so it won't be ________.

EASY/MODERATE hike. The box is well within view of the trail, so hide it well!

Read each line carefully for clues.