What’s for Dinner?  LbNA # 2017

Placed DateJan 10 2002
LocationPortland, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

This is a short hike at the Audubon Nature Sanctuary but in just one mile you will see old growth firs, Balch Creek and a tranquil pond. Portland boasts one of the oldest branches of the venerable Audubon Society and this sanctuary, so close to the city center, is a wonderful oasis for visitors. If your journal is big enough (at least 3X5 inches) this series of stamps forms a picture when the first three are placed in the right positions. The first one goes at the top and a bit to the left. Number two goes below the first and a little right. Three goes below two, slightly left. The last box gives you free reign. You can stamp any old place and as many times as you like.

To the trailhead: From downtown Portland head west on NW Lovejoy which turns into NW Cornell Rd. The Audubon Nature House is about 3/4 miles from the second tunnel on the right side. Trail maps are located in a cupboard by the entrance to the Nature Store. The trail starts at the east end of the parking lot.

To the letterboxes:
(#1) Go down the trail. Cross Balch Creek and take the first right onto Creek Trail. Right after you have made a hairpin turn to the left you will be standing beside a log. The box is on your right hidden by bark and moss.

(#2) Continue on this trail until you come to a junction with Woodpecker Trail. Go right. You will cross a bridge with a beautiful old growth fir on your left at the far end. From this end of the bridge go fourteen steps. At this point, take the trail at 205 degrees (magnetic) towards another huge old fir tree. The letterbox is beneath a fallen log, with one of these ancient trees at seventy two degrees, the other at one fifty two and a standing stump at one ninety two.

(#3)Continue up the hill. When given a choice between blue and brown, go for the blue. Along the trail you will pass houses on your right and eventually come to a small grassy clearing. Just beyond this clearing, you will be shaded by a large clump of cedars. The box rests in the heart of this colony.

(#4)Continue on the trail with the road on your right. Soon you will come to the pond. Seated on a cement arc you will see a troll’s retreat. To find his storehouse walk the planks, turning to the left. The letterbox is deposited for safekeeping up and underneath near a round cement pier.

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