Calvert Cliffs  LbNA # 2022 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 2 2000
LocationLusby, MD
Planted BySquirrel    
Found By Debean
Last Found Oct 1 2007
Hike Distance?

From the parking lot take the red blazed trail out to the cliffs. At the 0.7 mile marker stop. Look up the hill to your left for the large white tree with smooth bark. I think it is a Beech Tree. Climb up the hill and look behind it under a lot of leaves and twigs and you should find a stamp to enjoy. Replace the box and resume your trip to the cliffs. You might find some sharks teeth on the beach below the cliffs. Easy walk, no dogs allowed.

This box is still in place as of October 22, 2006 thanks to redlights who gave it a new box and baggie. It is almost 6 years old! Thanks, Squirrel

Please email if the box is missing, etc.