So You Want to Become Ninja?-MIA  LbNA # 20233 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 23 2006
CountyNew Castle
LocationWilmington - Rockwood Manor, DE
Found By Otis' Friends
Last Found Aug 29 2006
Hike Distance?

Hello Ninja Fan,

Unfortunately, its appears that the box was buried during a recent construction project. Sometime soon, I hope that a new box, a stronger box will rise from the smoldering ashes. Until then, keep practicing that crane kick.

Use Ninja Master Voice

Well, it is not easy for NINJA QUEST is not for faint of heart, grasshopper. Ha ha ha ha ha, no it is not. Ninja is sneaky. Ninja hide in shadow and you never see. Ninja hide in cupboard, you take cookie, never see ninja. To prove yourself Ninja, you must sneak past big house and capture NINJA BOX. Below are instructions. I wrote them as Ninja clues in case they fall in hands of evil dojo.

Start where you leave car. Impossible start elsewhere. Stay low and search for BZEGAO. Move quick like wind through flute when girl blow too hard. Dive and roll into center. Survey landscape. Let light of setting sun shine in your face. Turn head to right with lightning quickness and see object lined up between two sets of trees. Go paces equal to the number rungs to top times number of bars per side. If you are successful you will find “good view.” Use information below dog to solve Ninja code message 5 10 11 12 13 37 38 43 sneak (17 - 1842) paces 26 (57 - 1625). Stay hidden from sight of big house. If they see you, they will slap you with lawsuit and you never become Ninja. You only make license plate and wear stripes, eat bad food. Sometimes, best place to hide is under nose. Find Pendula who weeps for death of Socrates and hide beneath her arms as they drape against ground around you. Sneak like black cat past glass jungle until you find its kings bearing a load. 14 brothers support your enemy but use their shadows as friends. When you reach last brother go down four, hug rock and slither past three beds until you are protected by giant’s goblet. 40 paces will lead you to Turtle Rock that hides great power. Rest behind Turtle Rock. Now you are close to proving yourself as true Ninja. Solve final Ninja puzzle to be found worthy.

Final Ninja Puzzle:

Train leave Tokyo going 40 mile per hour at 9 AM. Train leave other place in Japan going 30 mile per hour at same time. Trains meet at 2 PM. How far is Tokyo for other place in Japan? Divide answer by 10 for degrees.

If frog in well 20 feet deep and each day frog jump up 3 feet but slide down 2 feet, how many day until frog free like happy butterfly? The answer equal number of paces.

Now look under foot for prize. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, yes. You are now true ninja. Replace box and rejoice in victory savory like MSG.