Rock Creek Park  LbNA # 2025 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 13 2000
CountyDistrict of Columbia
LocationRock Creek Park, DC
Planted BySquirrel    
Found By Moofie & Blaze
Last Found Sep 26 2007
Hike Distance?

Start your search at the Nature Center and Planetarium. The House Center is also near buy and there are horse trails as well thru the park. The center is located off Military Road between Connecticut and 1 6th Street. Call 202-426-6851 for more information. Or visit their web site at One of the boxes is in need of repair, it you could take a new tupperware box and note book for it others would appreciate it I'm sure.

Rock Creek #1
Walk around the Nature Center to the Woodlands Nature Trail. This is a half mile hike. Follow the WT to the right and be sure to pick up a brochure to learn about the park and some of its history. At the number 4 marker walk 12 paces to the Tulip Popular on the right. Behind that tree is a larger tree (a red oak I believe). Walk to that tree and look behind it on the ground under the rocks. Notice all the spicebush in the areas. Butterflies and this squirrel love these bushes. Continue on the trail over the bridge and up the
hill back to the Nature Center where you will begin your search for the second box.

Rock Creek #2

From the Nature Center follow the Edge of the Woods Trail. This is an asphalt wheelchair accessible trail. This is a good trail for learning tree identification. It will lead you to pond in the center. From the pond go back out to the main trail and take the first dirt trail to the left and follow that for a short while. From the "Protective Covering" Sign walk 3 steps forward into the woods past the sign. You will see a down tree in your path. Step over the tree and look along the backside of that tree under some rocks
for the box. Be sure to not "squash" to box when you put it back under the rocks. Proceed on around back to the Nature Center.

After your search be sure to visit the Planetarium and the very nice Nature Center.