Comic Strips #1 - Calvin And Hobbes  LbNA # 20261

OwnerCC Family    
Placed DateJan 28 2006
LocationNashotah, WI
Found By Sunny Side Up
Last Found Nov 13 2008
Hike Distance?

Calvin And Hobbes

Itís been several years since the last Calvin and Hobbes comic strip ran, but even after all these years itís still my favorite. To find a letterbox that any Calvin and Hobbes fan will appreciate begin in picnic area 2 of Nashotah County Park. (there is an entrance fee to enter the park)

Follow the green and red trails south. When the trails separate continue south along the west side of Forest Lake. As the trail nears the southern end of Forest Lake the hardwood forest will suddenly change to pine trees. Soon after entering the pine trees look for a large fallen tree with a double trunk on the left. The letterbox is beneath the tree where the trunks split.

Although it was January, it was unusually warm and was raining fairly heavily when the box was placed. Consequently the box was not originally hidden very well. Anyone finding this letterbox is free to find a more suitable hiding place along the double trunked log.