The Green Thumb  LbNA # 20266 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 28 2006
CountyNew Haven
LocationMadison, CT
Planted ByLetterbox Bandits    
Found By butterfly
Last Found Jul 8 2007
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The Green Thumb

NOTE: Our letterbox has gone missing, we plan on replacing it as soon as possible, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
Back in 1832 there was an old ship captain, named Captain Meigs, who lived on Hammonasset Beach out on Meigs Point after he left the Navy and became a hermit. His right thumb was cut off by one of his enemies in a battle. This is why this letterbox is known as The Green Thumb.

While we were doing our research we found the exact location of where his house was built and a poem he wrote. The poem is in the box and the box is where the house was.

Good Luck!

Starting at the parking lot near the Nature Center, cross the street to the boardwalk. Follow the path along the beach to the south toward a rocky outcrop and enter the Moraine Trail.

Follow the trail and you will find yourself on a crushed shell beach with a few large boulders scattered around by the water.

Keep following the trail and you will end up on a rocky beach where if you look out you can see ocean, ocean, more ocean, and finally some big houses across the water.
Follow the trail just a little bit further and you'll see a sign that says "Trail ends."

Look off to the right of the trail and see another large rocky outcrop.

The letterbox is placed between a big rock and a cedar tree that are right next to each other.

Congratulations! You have found The Green Thumb letterbox!