The Missing Piece  LbNA # 20291

Placed DateJan 29 2006
Location???, CO
Found By ???
Last Found May 6 2016
Hike Distance?

Clues: The Missing Piece

According to a contemporary maker, writing about a brand new craze she helped make popular, but who wrote, much later:

“The . . . craze started at the time of the of the business depression. It was before the movies were developed and the business men were so wrought up, so mentally tired, that they took to solving them for mental relaxation. They saved many a man from suicide because of his worries. They took his mind off his troubles, and rested it. They proved to be fascinating…It is [was – at that time] essentially a man’s game, but it is interesting to the whole family.”

Indeed, this new craze rapidly became a family pastime, and due to new technology, became affordable for more than just the upper classes. After spreading through Boston, it became the talk of the town in New York. Then London. Then to Paris….

The craze arrived in Paris just the year before the cornerstone was laid for the Summer White House - which was never actually completed. It was begun by a man with a dream who traveled as much, or more, as this brand new craze in nearly the exact same time period – perhaps he did so by foot?

His life and history, though completely separate from this new craze - other than time period, are closely associated with this part of Colorado. Many of his accomplishments are still in this area today, some extant, some in ruins.

I bet almost all of have you have participated in the craze that was finding popularity at the same time as events in this area. The craze isn’t so new anymore; it’s almost 100 years old now. Most of us have also gotten to the end, usually after hours of work, perhaps with family or friends…. just to find…frustration! This box will help you out at times like this!

To get to The Missing Piece: Find the trail to this man’s dream which was to be the foundation for much more, but never came to be, sadly. His own house wasn’t too far away from summer potus. Maybe he participated in this new craze to take his mind off his troubles – he had quite a bit of sadness associated with this mountain, in the end, along with his many accomplishments. But then again, maybe he just took in the views instead – they’re very distracting!

White marble confirms the destination and some very interesting history to read is nearby. Now find the bench on this short trail which faces west, which you should have passed en route to the marble. Look due north from this bench. From here align yourself with the middle of the 3 trees amongst the rocks. The very large boulder between the middle and eastern trees points the way to The Missing Piece, if you then also look below where the boulder seems to point.

Trail: Moderate and 30-40 minutes each way from the west. Probably more time and definitely more elevation gain from the east.

Handcarved stamp, handmade journal and ink pad.

Status reports and hellos always appreciated!