Bob Cat's Hang Out  LbNA # 20331

Placed DateFeb 2 2006
LocationMuscatine, IA
Found By Fuzzy bunny
Last Found Sep 19 2009
Hike Distance?

Wear walking shoes or boots that can get muddy, bring a water bottle and bring your own stamp pad. If you have time, bring a picnic. This is a wonderful park to spend some time in and a great place for kids to hike. As always in this part of the world, WATCH OUT FOR POISON IVY. Snakes aren't usually a big concern here, but don't go poking in holes or under logs with your hand, use a stick.

These two letterboxes can be found at Wild Cat Den State Park which is located between the towns of Fairport and Montpelier, on Hwy. 22. From Hwy. 22 look for the brown state park signs and turn on to Wild Cat Den Road, (there's only one way to turn.)

Each letterbox has its own hand carved stamp.

This is a short, easy hike in a pretty, historical setting.

From Wild Cat Den Rd., park in the parking lot by the Grist Mill and the Old Schoolhouse. From the parking lot follow the sidewalk that goes 62 degrees (NE). Cross Pine Creek and go to the gravel road/path. Face 180 degrees (S)and follow the path. Where the path makes a slight curve there's a big pile of dead trees on the left. *****new hiding spot due to stinging nettles and poison ivy growth. Climb onto the pile of trees and look down inside for the box. ignore rest of clue 1***** Just past that pile, face 130 degrees and take 32 single step paces into the woods. See that deceased proud old oak? He's hiding what you seek near the roots of his existence.


This hike is about 1 1/2 mi. round trip and the terrain is moderately rocky and hilly. It'll take you a little more than an hour if you don't take your time. I suggest taking your time, it's so worth it.

Leave Grist Mill parking lot, turn left and then an immediate right on to New Era Rd. Drive about 1/2 mile to the Wild Cat Den Park entrance on the right, marked by a brown sign. Drive all the way through the park. At the bottom of the hill, BEFORE the stop sign, turn right on to the lower park road, This leads to the parking area you want. (If you've turned on to a gravel road, you went too far.)

From the turnaround at the end of the parking area, take the path that leads to The Devil's Punch Bowl. When the path meets the rock cliff wall, go to the left. (For the adventurous- explore to the right to find Steamboat Rock and a great den to climb it.) But, for the treasure you seek, turn left at the rock cliff wall. Follow this path as it leads you between Pine Creek and the cliff. Keep going and bypass the stairs to the right. Pass by the first bridge on your left.

Keep going, the path takes you over a series of five bridges. Cross the 5th one and go right for several paces. Welcome to the Devil's Punch Bowl. Can you see wild cats hiding in the dens? Probably not, and you won't find the letterbox in The Punch Bowl, either. Turn around and go back to the 5th bridge, but don't cross it. * Go to the steps that are to your right. Climb the steps, and start counting as you climb, including broken steps. The letterbox is hidden under the left side of the 34th step. Please be sure it's totally hidden when you put it back.

Please let me know what you think of this hunt. Enjoy.