The Crag!!!!  LbNA # 20337

Placed DateFeb 2 2006
CountyNew Castle
LocationNewark, DE
Planted Bythe chevrons    
Found By HSC Pride
Last Found Mar 26 2007
Hike Distance?

From Main St. in Newark Delaware veer right after the train tracks in front of the Deer Park Tavern onto New London Rd. which eventually turns to 896 North.

Take a right onto South Bank Rd a few miles from the tavern. Continue to go straight until you come to the bottom of the hill. The Ticking Tomb Graveyard will be dead ahead of you. Find a parking spot in the parking lot.

From the lot, make your way back up the road you just came in on. The Path of Dreams is behind a brown gate on the left. Take heed, The Path of Dreams yields fantastic rewards, the journey to which is fraught with nightmares. The Bridge of Chaos will be on your left as you make your way down the Path of Dreams.

At the crossroads take the left trail past the Yellow Citadel of Cowardice. The fearful need not continue.

270 steps you will witness the Sheer Precipice of Doom.

70 more steps and you will gape in awe at the Dead Tree of 4 Holes.

57 steps the Great Half-Eaten Hollow Tree will come uon your right side.

You will come across The Crag!!!! on the right 13 steps from the blue trail marker on the right. You will know it by the 5 Trees of the Hand of Morpheus which grow forth from The Crag!!!!

Your reward awaits you under a rock behind the trees. Tread lightly, for the climb is quite treacherous. Godspeed.