Horror Movie Classics: Be Careful Where You Swim  LbNA # 20338

Placed DateJan 28 2006
LocationLorton, VA
Found By adventurebabe
Last Found Apr 13 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 10 2015

Accotink Bay Wildlife Refuge

3/7/2010 - Both boxes are alive and well.

Go to the Tully Gate entrance of Ft. Belvoir. Parking lot is on the right.

Iíve always heard the legend of the creature. I mean, who hasnít thatís grown up in these parts? We all know itís just a myth though. Really, how could a prehistoric monster still exist these days? Someone would have proof by now Ė wouldnít they? Thatís what I told myself anyway that night as I stood at the trailhead.

It was one of those stupid dare games that I once again let myself get drawn into. If only I could keep my mouth shut. Then I wouldnít be here. It was getting late, but the sun was still up. It wasnít going to be there forever though, so time to get started.

I had to show proof by taking pictures at the two sites where the incidents were meant to happen. Double-checking that I had my camera I set off straight down the Beaver Pond trail. All was quiet on that first part of the journey. I passed no one. By the time I got to the bridge Iíd managed to talk myself out of the silly fear and just enjoy the walk. It would have been fun to go play on the bridge, but my trail went left. That will have to wait for another time.

A couple more bridges later and the quiet started to get to me. Why was no one here? There should be hikers. Someone. I remembered to take a left and go over the bridge at the fork and tried to whistle myself calm until I reached the bench. How could they put a bench there after what happened to those poor divers? ĎStop ití I reminded myself again that it was just an urban legend. Nothing happened to anyone. It was safe to look over my right shoulder to the dead tree. No divers were stuffed in the v of that tree. You know the tree facing away from you. Pretending it was no big deal I snapped a quick picture of the tree. There. No problem.

A little to quickly I continued along the trail ignoring the ones that came in on the right. The narrow path between the two ponds seemed smaller than I remembered. The water seemed to reach out for me as I hurried along. No matter that nothing had ever been mentioned about this part of the walk. The whole place had taken on a dark mood to me. I donít think I even noticed going down stairs, but I stopped dead when the reached the ones going up.

The light was starting to fade and I knew I was running out of time if I didnít want to be trapped there at night. Striding up the stairs I didnít even pause as I turned left to walk along the ridge skirting the still, black water. Shadows stretched towards me obscuring my way. I should have brought a flashlight. Nervously I continued to stare at the water, knowing logically that nothing could live within such a small space and not be found. I was perfectly safe.

My steps slowed as I came upon a large concrete slab. A quick picture and Iíd be out of here. Itís not like I had to reach beneath it and find anything. Then I heard the noiseÖlike a small splash. I took the picture and ran around the rest of the ridge until I got back to the trail and then hightailed it to the parking lot as fast as I could go.