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Assawoman Wildlife Management Area  LbNA # 2035 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 25 2000
Locationunknown, DE
Planted BySquirrel    
Found By Cat Mom
Last Found Mar 10 2007
Hike Distance?

Assawoman Wildlife Management Area

Ducky Letterbox at Assawoman
Easy/Still there July 5, 2006

Finding the letterbox is not nearly as difficult as finding Assawoman WMA but it is well worth a visit. There are lots of ponds and places for birds to hang out and for you to find when you are not looking for letterboxes.

When you see the first big sign for Assawoman WMA you should stop and pick up a brochure. Return to your car and drive a very short distance to some red barns on a curve in the road. Pull in there and park and get out and begin your search for the letterbox. You should see a small white building close to
the road. Look between the that building and a fence behind some concrete blocks. There you will find the letterbox. Isn't is ducky! Return to your car and continue on down to road to the entrance to the WMA. Hope you remembered to bring you binoculars, there is good birding here.

If you go I was told that the stamp is missing and the booklet is full. If you wish to take a booket and a replacement stamp that would be great. I'm sure others that follow you will be grateful. Thanks, Squirrel

Please email if the box is missing, etc.