Box of the Lost Children  LbNA # 20351 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 4 2006
Location???, CT
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Go to the main parking area at Old Furnace State Park also known as Ross's Cliffs. This is off of route 6 heading from Brooklyn Ct toward main street, big y, 395 area. You will see a sign for this park on the right after you pass the on ramps for 395 north and south. You will take a right when you see the sign and then take you first right into the main parking area. The main trail that goes into the woods is the blue trail and is marked on the trees. Follow this blue trail through the woods and over the rivers. Now, there are going to be other trails that break off the one your on but don't take them, STAY ON THE BLUE TRAIL at all times. Finally when the trail starts to loop back around you will see huge very noticable cliffs on your right hand side. Continue to follow the trail until you see a stone wall on your right hand side in front of these huge cliffs. Follow the stone wall off the trail and into the woods heading right at the cliffs. Some where in that stone wall is our letter box. It is a plastic contanier inside a plastic ziplock bag. please stamp or sign it and put it back. Think it's over, well your wring. You can turn around on the blue trail and go back the way you came or you can continue on in the direction you were going. You will come to a split where the blue trail ends. You will have a trail on you right and infront of you in the distance you will see a road. Take the trail to the right. Continue to follow this trail for about 20 min. (trail follow power lines for a little while) you will soon come to a river. The river will be in front of you and you will see a trail on the other side. To your left will be a bridge. Cross the river, go right, and follow the trail. This trial will take you to a road. take a right on the road and you will see the entrace to the aprk where you pulled in. Get in your vehicle and run. We got super lost after hiding this box and that is why we call it the box of the lost children. hehehe! have fun! this is a hard find, a good 1 walk, but alot of fun. finding this box is cool for all ages, and the views are great.