Heather Alexander  LbNA # 20402

Placed DateFeb 5 2006
LocationPortland, OR
Found By Iron Blosam
Last Found Aug 25 2014
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This is an addition to Brett and Penny's Musician Series.

Heather Alexander is a local artist that I adore. She plays monthly at the Lucky Lab Pub as well as all around the US. Check out her web site: www.heatherlands.com for a gig near you!

From out the mists of ancient Celtic forests comes this talented musician to entertain you with songs of lore and legend, soulful airs and spritely dance tunes of that twilight time betwixt the ages. With a repertoire filled to overflowing with original and traditional music of the British Isles, you will be entranced as her songs and stories ease your hardships and affirm your hopes.
Like the bards of old, Heather Alexander weaves a rich tapestry of tuneful tales and magical music, enchanting the listener into a world where anything can happen! Her fiery fiddle will have you bouncing to the beat of a rowdy reel or brimming with the tears of an Irish aire.

Whether performing at pubs or private parties, Heather Alexander captures a timeless Celtic spirit; like the tales of a travelling tinker or a walk in the misty, foggy dew.

Stumpa ag Naoi aon leath