Holbrook Palmer Park  LbNA # 20416 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 9 2006
CountySan Mateo
LocationAtherton, CA
Found By Princess Lea
Last Found May 7 2006
Hike Distance?

Holbrook Palmer Park

(This box is missing as of 9/2/06...)

Park your car by the Playschool at the far end of the parking lot. You should be able to see the play structure and tennis courts.

1. Walk down the path next to the playschool (preschool).

2. Have yourself a drink of water and take a rest on the bench.

3. Follow the walking path to the left, around the baseball field, toward the train tracks.

4. Continue down the path until you pass a grove of eight large Christmas trees, be sure to count carefully.

5. Vear right at the place "where you can't park" (be sure not to follow the path that goes to the left)

6. If you were "sixteen going on seventeen" you would go here to sing. When you are done singing, face the house.

7. Continue walking around the right side of the house, toward the place back in the olden days where you would store your carriages and horses. Enjoy this poem by Shel Silverstein.

Little Hoarse

My voice was raspy, rough and cracked.
I said, "I am a little hoarse."
They stuck a saddle on my back
And jumped on me - and now, of course,
They trot me and they gallop me,
They prance me up and down the town
Yellin', "Giddy-Up, Little Hoarse."
(Some things don't mean the way they sound.)

8. Be careful, look both ways, cross the street and find the path.

9. Go to the FC Series 4 workout station. If you have time, do some exercises.

10. Take a sharp left, through the trees, and across the grass.

11. Look into the field and go to the picnic tables.

12. Walk to the stone bench.

13. Sit on the bench facing the path, rest here until there is no one around. Be sure to look behind you.

14. Walk the number of steps that equals 9x3.

15. There should be bushes around you, walk forward to the tree. Look under the tree/bushes to discover the letterbox.

Please be sure to return the box after you have signed it.