Sweets for my Sweet **Replanted for Valentine's Da  LbNA # 20439

Placed DateFeb 14 2006
Location???, VA
Planted ByTheFunkyFeline    
Found By ???
Last Found May 15 2006
Hike Distance?

Everything you need to find this Valentine's Day box is woven into this love poem. Happy Hunting!

I see your face and joy cascades though my heart like a river.
From dawn til dusk you are there for me,
offering me mystery and beauty, laughter and play.
Your arms are the 1st place I turn to for shelter,
when life takes a left and things start to go downhill.
When I am at bottom and near the edge, your love is there.
Offering me a quiet simple place to sit and rest – a place where I can turn my back on the asphalt of the everyday and stare out into flowing peace.
When my soul is restored and I am ready to continue, you are there beside me,
supporting me, encouraging me, challenging me
to take the path less traveled, to go against the stream.
As we take tentative steps forward into adventure, hands clasped, eyes alight
we are quickly reminded, that though giants fall, we will endure,
because at the root of it all, deep in the heart,
We have found True Love.

** Replanted for Valentine's Day - Enjoy! **