Downs Park  LbNA # 2044 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 8 2004
CountyAnne Arundel
LocationPasadena, MD
Found By Cheshire-cat
Last Found Jul 11 2008
Hike Distance?

Anne Arundel County, on the Chesapeake Bay

This is only the second letterbox I've planted and this one also has disappeared! It was hidden well and lots of people e-mailed me that they had found it. Maybe the squirrels at Downs Park love to eat plastic? What do you think? Anyway, if one of you would like to use my directions and put a box there, that would be good. Right now, my school schedule is preventing me from doing any more letterboxing until the end of the spring semester most likely.

Medium difficulty – about 1 ½ - 2 miles, 99% on paved trail
After you visit my letterbox, please send me an e-mail to

Enjoy Downs Park. It's one of my favorite places!

Downs Park
(admission $5.00 unless you have an annual pass which is $25)

After the gatehouse, drive to the main parking lot.

Face the Bay. Walk between the park office and the stage.

Go past the Welcome to Downs Park sign on your left and take the winding path toward the Bay.

At the bottom, turn right on the path with the Bay on your left.

Go under the walking bridge. You will notice a sign on one of the supports that says: 3.5 Perimeter Trail.

Soon you will see on your left, an introduction to the World Trail.

In a short while, you will pass the “step-up” exercise station on your left. Continue on the perimeter trail.

Pass the “leg lift” exercise station on your left and two benches on the right. Do 20 leg lifts with each leg.

In a while you will see a road outside the park on your left and a 0 .5 mile marker on your right..

Pass a dirt path and bench on your right. Continue on perimeter trail.

Pass the “inclined body curl” station and bench on your right. Stop and do 10 body curls.

Pass the “beam jump” exercise station on your right. Follow the directions on the sign.

Pass the “horizontal ladder” station on your right and a bench on the left. Follow the directions on the sign.

Look out for a park vehicle turnabout on the left. You are almost there now. You may want to wave a stick in front of you as you turn off the paved trail. This will help you avoid running into spider webs at certain times of the year. Downs spiders like to get maximum coverage with their webs and they eat well!

Immediately after the end of the turnabout, find the dirt path on your right. The letterbox is on this dirt parth.

(If you come to the “body curl” station on your left, you’ve gone too far.)

Take about 25-30 steps until the dirt path splits into a Y. The tree you are facing at the crotch of the Y is the tree you’re looking for. The letterbox is hidden in a hole at the base and covered with twigs and dead leaves.

When you replace the box, be sure to cover it again with miscellaneous debris.