Monkey Business  LbNA # 20443 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 11 2006
LocationNacogdoches, TX
Planted ByEnaj    
Last Found Sep 18 2007
Hike Distance?


(Placed in honor of my birthday.)

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy (short walk on flat paved trail)
VISIBILITY: Moderate (during the week, workers may be around, and tourists are a risk at any time)


From University Blvd, enter the Azalea Garden and drive to parking area.

Walk back along the same road you just drove in on.

Take the first path (to the left) immediately after the fenced-in look-out tower.

After a few steps, take the first turn to the right.

After a few more steps, take the first turn to the right.

(Told you it was easy!)

Continue on trail, keeping an eye out for "Council Ring South". This is a large area with flagstones and several benches arranged in a loose circle around it.

As you approach Council Ring South, you'll notice a Magnolia tree on your right, sticking up out of some azalea bushes. It is not full sized, but still fairly tall (especially compared to the azalea bushes).

The letterbox is under the pine needles at the bottom of that tree. You'll have to reach in under the azalea bushes a bit to get to it -- might be a handy time to have a small child with you! :)

You can relax on the benches to stamp up (while letting the small child run and play).

After you replace the box, be sure to visit the big rock on the far side of the council ring, with a lovely poem mounted on the rock.

Thanks for looking!