Walking the Dog  LbNA # 20448

Placed DateFeb 15 2006
LocationWesterville, OH
Planted Byhikingbug    
Found By Bluevelvet
Last Found Aug 11 2009
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Walking the Dog

This is my first attempt at planting a box and therefore it's an easy level box. The trail is flat and grass covered. It should take no more than ten minutes to find. You will need your own stamp pad and something to write with. There's not much cover right now since it's winter and all the field grasses have been cut back. It's also very muddy this time of year so be sure to wear the appropriate foot wear.

This box is located in Blendon Woods Metro Park. From I-270, take the SR161 exit. Take the Little Turtle Way exit. There are signs directing you to the park.

Once in the park, follow the road to the Nature Center. There's a large parking lot for the Nature Center. Park towards the back as that's where the trail is.

You'll be taking the Goldenrod Trail heading south. This is the only pet trail in the park. Be sure to take bags with you to clean up after your pet. If you forget, there are some provided at the entrance to the trail and there are several trash cans along the way. The trail goes about 100ft. before it intersects with another trail going east-west. You want to go left (east). The trail soon winds around and you'll be heading south again. Soon, you'll come upon a bench. This is a great place this time of year to sit and watch the birds in the field. In the spring/summer, the field is filled with tall grasses and wild flowers. Continue past the bench. Not much further, another trail will be to your right with a signpost to your left with an arrow on it pointing forward. The Goldenrod Trail is made up of two loop trails. If you were to continue forward, you'd come upon another loop trail. I recommend taking it with your dog. For now, though, take the trail to your right. You'll soon come upon another bench to your left. Stand behind this bench with your back to the trail. You'll be facing south again. Take 25 paces (I'm short, so keep that in mind!) and you'll come to a dead tree. Follow this tree to it's root end. This tree is resting on top of another tree. Facing east, look in the hollowed out end of the bottom tree to find what you're looking for.

Please make sure to cover it back up with leaves! Please email me to let me know you found it and the condition of the box.