City of Angels Beach  LbNA # 20455

Placed DateFeb 16 2006
LocationErie, PA
Found By LemurEyes!
Last Found Jul 9 2014
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This letterbox was created to celebrate the interaction of water and land; nature and man. This letterbox is located in a park that was created within the past few years and as such it also celebrates the fact that cooperative government can successfully work to preserve ecological niches for mankind. The rural park setting melds with a quartz crystalline composition beach to simply create a beautiful place to get away from the city. Located in the stunning Lake Erie Wine Country, a mere 18 miles from the City of Erie, this juncture of sun and sand will rejuvenate your soul. If it is nice out you may want to bring beach blankets and a picnic with you so you can take your time to enjoy the North Coast properly.

From the City of Erie-

Follow Alternate Route 5 (Also known as East 6th Street, and East Lake Road) EAST. Alternate Route 5 will merge with (Regular) State Route 5 at General Electric Transportation Systems. Continue East on Route 5 through the outskirts of the historic company town of Lawrence Park. You will pass an abandoned mall called "The Harborcreek Mall." At this streetlight note your mileage. Enjoy the next 14 miles of Lake Erie vistas, and vineyards.

From New York State-

Proceed along Route 5 from the state line precisely 1.1 miles into the Commonwealth proper.

Upon arrival you will see an abandoned house and small sign on the lake side of the road proclaiming "Fishermen Parking," pull in and park your car. Proceed approximately 1/2 mile North, on foot, down the dirt road. You should be able to hear waves crashing as you pass the barn on your right and the old basketball court on your left. The beach is calling to you- "Come closer, let me tell you a story." Be lulled by the beach, but be aware that Lake Erie has claimed more ships, and far more lives than the Bermuda Triangle. The road will make a 90 degree turn to the right (East), and narrow into a trail. Follow the telephone line and begin counting your paces. 120 is the magic number, then look North, toward the impressive sea. What you seek resides in a hollow, yet very much alive, tree. Once you peer into its empty eye you can see that your prize is most easily accessable from the base facing North. You may want to take the whole canister to the nearby picnic table within sight so you can begin your relationship with the view presently. Of course, please be certain to re-hide the letterbox so that others may have the pleasure of finding it.