The Cat in The Hat Series  LbNA # 20474 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 18 2006
CountyLos Angeles
LocationPomona, CA
Found By MrOspital
Last Found Nov 25 2007
Hike Distance?

Placed by: BluBeard & Tee Tee
Difficulty: Super easy(even a forty year old could do it)

This place is mostly antique shops, so if you want to torture your children by all means bring'em along.

This is where they filmed part of The Cat in The Hat Movie. They turned a section of this anitque mall into downtown Anville. Its a town thats not huge but quite big enough for buyers and sellers to sell and buy stuff. Most of the paint and props are gone but if you lood carefully you can still see the remains of the set. Just down the street is the Glass House, you would'nt guess by looking at it but this is where a lot of well known bands have played when they were still starting out. There is also a lot of art galleries and shops that are worth a look. On any given night this quiet little part of Pomona gets packed with concert goers and artists. Which is why letterboxing at night is not the best idea. If there are no concerst or shows going on then this place is as quiet as a tomb. Late morning and early afternoon are the best times to go.


Pomona CA
From 10 FWY, Exit on Gearey Ave./OrangeGrove
Go south on Garey Ave. drive about 1.5 miles to 2nd st.
Left side Anitque Row/Right side Arts Colony
Make a right on 2nd st. drive over 1 block and park.

#1. The Hat without The Cat
Starting from the corner of 2nd st. and Thomas, Go to the shop thats painted like a carnival. Find the mailbox with an abstract city painted on it. Underneath between the two black poles you'll find the magnetic box. Stamp in around the corner of the shop, and be very discrete when replacing. It took me forever to place this box without being seen.

#2. Green Eggs and Ham
Starting from the first box, head over to Anitque Row(cross Garey Ave.) staying on the lefthand side , count 50 paces (not steps) from the entry archway. Face north, ahead you will see The Electric Time Clock. Walk around to the north side of the clock. In the planter near the edge closest to you, look for the brick inside. The box lies underneath.

#3. The Fish
Starting from the second box, head back over to the front of the fountain face east, count 52 paces. Directly above you should be the Top Hat, the last prop to remain in place. Directlyl across is one of our favorite antique shops. It contains many toys from our youth, and probably from yours too. This one is worth a look, unfortunatly it reminds you of how old you really are. Go inside and see if you can spot the movie prop. From under the Top Hat look straight ahead to the newspaper stands, this magnetic box is under the green stand near the back. Once again BEWARE OF NOSEY SHOP OWNERS! When you are done check out the shops on this street and the next. If you don't care to check out the shops, or anything else for that matter, at around 5 o'clock this place starts to close down, a perfect time to grab the boxes.