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Satellite Radio Wars  LbNA # 20477 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 19 2006
LocationManchester, CT
Planted ByHillel    
Found By warcat76
Last Found Apr 21 2007
Hike Distance?

This series is located in North West Park, in Manchester CT. If you do not know where this is the easiest way to find it is by using yahoo maps, or google maps etc. The address of the park is 448 Tolland Turnpike.

Satellite Radio is one of the newer technologies but also very large. This technology is the fasted growing in history. Between the two companies there are approximately 10 million subscribers, in about 4-5 years. No other technology had these numbers, not even cell phones, cameras, DVD players, cars, etc.

Once you enter the park go to the right and park near the butterfly garden. Just after the garden is a gravel path. This is where your adventure will begin.

Sirius Satellite radio at the time this box was planted has approximately 3.3 million subscribers. They have some big names such as Howard Stern, Martha Stewart and Richard Simmons. And for sports they have the exclusive rights to the NFL.

In order to find there box turn right onto the gravel path. After about 20 feet it forks, and you will need to stay straight onto the dirt path, keeping the large pond on your left.

Continue down and you will see the first of 4 Manchester Sewer holes. When the sewer lid is on your left, there is a large fallen try on your right. Directly across the path, and behind this log, under some bark, you will find the Sirius LB.

XM Satellite Radio is the original satellite radio company. They currently have over 6 million subscribers. Their big names include Opie & Anthony, Oprah, Ellen, Tayra Banks, Dale Ernheart Junior, Good Morning America, etc. And for sports they have the exclusive rights to MLB, NHL, NASCAR, NCAA and Golf.

In order to find the XM LB, continue down the path the way you were going keeping the pond on your left. After a short distance a gravel path will fork off to the right. Take that path and immediately it fork again you will again take the right path. Just before the path begins to make a small decline, and a small pond is on your right there will again be a large part of a fallen tree on your right. Behind this fallen tree you will find the XM Letterbox.

From here continue down the path the way you were going and you will come out at the butterfly garden.

If you have any questions feel free to email me or contact me via AIM: Hillel LBing