National Springfield Series - Lisa  LbNA # 20487

Placed DateFeb 11 2006
LocationSpringfield, VA
Found By Choi
Last Found May 22 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 30 2015

**Update 5/22/10** Lisa's stamp, log and box have all been replaced - thanks to all the folks who let me know she needed some help. She is now clean, dry and in one piece!**

According to Wikipedia, you can find a "Springfield" in 34 of the 50 states. This series is being created to honor all of the "Springfields" in the U.S. with some of their most famous (?) residents.... the Simpsons, of course!

C'mon, kids - collect 'em all!

This letterbox is in Springfield, VA. It was placed with Peanut's help.

Find your way to Lake Accotink Park in Springfield, VA and park somewhere near the dam where you’ll see the hopeful fishermen lined up almost every time of year.

Looking at the dam, you’ll see a paved path going up hill on your left. That’s where you want to start to look for Lisa.

Follow the trail along until you cross a bridge. Take the trail to the left up the hill.

Did Nelson spray-paint that tree? “Ha-ha.” Not funny, Nelson. (2010 update.. looks like Principal Skinner made Nelson clean that tree).

At the top of the hill, you’ll see a huge tree down on your right. No way Nelson did that!

From the roots of the big downed tree, take 45 steps further down the trail.

Take a compass reading of 220* and you’ll see two smaller downed trees.

Lisa is tucked into the roots-end of the tree on the left.