Seneca Creek Trail  LbNA # 2049 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 1 2003
LocationDarnestown, MD
Found By Jenni
Last Found Sep 10 2006
Hike Distance?

*** Temporarily listed by MD Orphan. Please contact me if you are the owner of this letterbox. ***

Established: Sept. 21, 2002

The Seneca Creek Trail letterbox is located in Montgomery County, MD.

Nearest Town: Darnestown

Parking: Park at Black Rock Mill located on Black Rock Road between Rt. 118
and Rt. 28 where the road crosses Seneca Creek.

The Seneca Creek Trail runs upstream and down
To determine the way, the first clue is found
By using your head and solving this cipher,
Then hitting the trail, like a seasoned hiker.

23 23 23 . 19 5 14 5 3 1 20 18 1 9 12 . 15 18 7 / 12 9 14 11 19 . 8 20 13

I hope you like hiking, there's a mile to go
So tighten you boots and enjoy nature's show.

Finally you've made it to the house of the troll
It's the 5th one, if you've been keeping a toll.
You must pass the troll, of that there's no question
Say, if he eats you he'll get indigestion.

I thought you liked hiking when you started the day.
So onward you go, it's too late to say nay.
Climb up the steep hill, you'll huff and you'll puff
Till you stand on the top. Have you had enough?

Now look for the ring, it's not far from the trail
Or if you're too tired, why sit on your tail.
The ring is found by taking fifteen paces
Find the heading on the decimal bases

The length of the troll's home multiplied by 10
Then perform a subtraction of 10 again.

From the center of the ring, you now take a bearing
Assuming of course, a compass your carr'ing.
Head at two hundred for thirty two paces
Then bend down low till you touch your shoelaces

And look in the peephole for what you do seek
If something looks back, why hang loose and don't freak

The letterbox you have found, end of the game
A stamp you've collected and have left the same.