Rosey Dreams Commemorative Box  LbNA # 20494

Placed DateFeb 20 2006
LocationCincinnati (Northside), OH
Planted ByFly    
Found By emmyphant
Last Found Jul 29 2006
Hike Distance?

Difficulty -- moderate
Bring pen and inkpad, compass is optional

Find the valley where the buttercups grow at the end of Stanford Dr.

Be sure to take the right trail. You will eventually cross a fallen tree that is clearly meant for crossing. Turn left at the top of the ridgeline. Descend some steps, keep following the trail, and cross a large bridge. Keep going and cross a second large bridge. Stop at the end of the bridge and look up to your left. Between you and the large tree is a log laying in an east-west direction. The letterbox is in the west end of the log under some debris. After you stamp in, just keep following the trail to get back to where you started.

As always, please rehide well, and please let me know if you find the Rosey Dreams Commemorative Box.