Lake Needwood #3  LbNA # 2053 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 1 2003
LocationRockville, MD
Found By Debean
Last Found Apr 11 2007
Hike Distance?

*** Temporarily listed by MD Orphan. Please contact me if you are the owner of this letterbox. ***

Montgomery County, Maryland -- Rockville, Lake Needwood.
Placed on 7/15/02.
Planted by: Brian & Anya (

Go to the park visitor center, you will find a bear near the pavilion. There will be a path to the left that follows the lake and goes through the woods, towards the dam. At the boat ramp, go up the launch, to the parking lot. There will be a gravel road that leads up the hill. Follow that road to the top of the dam, and cross. There will be a bench waiting for you to rest on the other side.

From there, continue on the original path into another wooded area on the opposite side of the lake. You will walk by a large travel path to your left -- do not take this path! Keep going .. Continuing your journey, you will pass a light path on your right, directly adjacent to a waterway that no longer runs water .. Continue on, you are getting close! You will come upon another very light path on your right, this is the one! It will take you down towards the shore, and you will find an old, abandoned stone fireplace along the way. How did it get there? Contemplate this question while you are there. From the fireplace, you are exactly 20 paces away from the box at this point, and 'X' marks the spot, so to speak. Standing on the path, looking in the direction of the fireplace, you will see two very large, old trees that have lived their lives and passed on to Tree Heaven. There two trees cross (the "X"!) exactly 20 paces away from your current location, you can't miss it! Look under the "X", and you will find your treasure. Happy Hunting!