Country Lane  LbNA # 20540 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 24 2006
LocationPark View, IA
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Oct 6 2007
Hike Distance?

This box was moved and the clues updated on 6/5/06. (It proved impossible to find with the dense summer growth.)

This letterbox has a hand made stamp, but bring your own stamp pad. As always in this part of the world, watch out for poison ivy. This is a short hike about 30 minutes.

This letterbox is hidden in Scott Country Park. To get to the park, take Hwy. 61 to the Park View Exit. Go toward Park View to the four way stop, turn left. Turn right at the next road to the right which is 270 St. The park entrance is about 1 ½ miles, on the left.

In the park, go toward Incahias Campground and Woodside picnic area. Across from the entrance to Incahias Campground turn to the right to the Woodside picnic area. Park in the first lot on the left.

From the basketball court head 290 degrees and walk to the road. Look to your right and see an invitation.

“I am an old time country lane. Now I have been officially vacated and closed. I invite you to walk as folks have walked for generations and be friendly with my trees, my flowers and my wild creatures.”

Start your stroll down this country lane from the center fence post, as you face the sign. Stroll 35 paces and look to your left. There in the crotch of a very dead tree is the letterbox. Please hide it well when you’re done.