Underground RR  LbNA # 20541 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 24 2006
LocationMile Marker 270, IA
Found By 2FruehHearts
Last Found Mar 15 2008
Hike Distance?

This letterbox has a hand made stamp, but bring your own stamp pad.

This box is hidden at the rest area on Interstate 80 Eastbound, mile 270, NOT mile 268 rest area, because that one has no buildings. This rest area is conveniently located between two exits that allow you to get to the rest stop, and go on your way when youíre through, by driving only a couple miles out of your way to turn around.

*NOTE: I've been notified that the hiding area has poison ivy around it. Wear long pants and wash your hands afterward.

First thing to do: Stop at the information sign outside and read about the Underground Railroad. Then youíll understand what this is all about.

Inside the rest stop building, find the bearís paw quilt block. Remember its design.
Outside, find the little picnic shelter decorated with the bearís paw. Go by way of the bear. At the bearís paw quilt block, face 330 degrees and go to the lantern stop you see there. Take two paces beyond the lantern stop so the metal of the sign doesnít interfere with your compass. Face 340 degrees and see a gap in the pine trees. Hanging in the first pine to the left of the gap is what you seek, by way of the bear.