Wallace & Gromit; LiRB C2 & C3  LbNA # 20556 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 5 2005
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By Mouse Medley
Last Found Sep 10 2007
Hike Distance?


Wallace and Gromit have lost their way in Rock Bridge! Work your way through each cluster of boxes to find clues to their location. If you make it all the way through, as The Godess (formerly Woodstock) and the Gardener did, e-mail me and I'll send you a little bonus. Enjoy!

Notice; These clues have been changed, but the actual boxes have not.

The entire series is located in Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, just south of Columbia MO. The park alone is worthy of a day’s exploration. It contains over 15 miles of trails, a top notch Orienteering course, fantastic birding and some of the best Karst topography in Missouri, including Devil’e Ice Box cave. As such it is a busy place. PLEASE be discrete in your LB activities and prudent in your re-hideation. Remember, only you can prevent Improper Re-Hideation. All LBs should be re-hid so a casual passerby would not be able to see it. Please don’t leave a bit sticking out to make it easier on the next person. This results in boxes disappearing.

This is a series originally planted for the first Mid-MO LB Gathering in May of 2005. To solve the encryptions which hold each clusters starting point, you must watch the Wallace and Gromit movies. While I encourage you to watch them all, I HIGHLY recommend watching ‘Wallace and Gromit; A Close Shave’. Pay attention and you’ll find the clues you need.

To explain the abbreviations I’ve used, W&G of course means Wallace and Gromit. The LiRB refers to ‘Lost in Rock Bridge’. The C1, C2, C3 refer to clusters one, two and three. LB 1, LB 2 and so on refers to the box in that cluster. The starting point for each cluster is encrypted. After decoding the encryption, the starting point to each cluster will be revealed. Each cluster is progressive, that is the clue for box two starts at box one and the starting point for box three would be box two.

This clue is encrypted using a Key Word Shift Cipher. Remember this as I may use this code again. This is a fun code to break…assuming you have the code word. I will explain how it works here, but to solve it you must find the key word on your own. I’ll provide it in the form of a question later on.

A Key Word Shift Cipher uses, well a key word, such as Frank. The key word secretly hides the solution to breaking the cipher text. Each letter of ‘Frank’ represents a number. It does so by each letter representing the order in which it appears in the alphabet. In the context of this word, ‘F’ appears second, ‘R’ fifth, ‘A’ first and so on. By finding the order in which the letters appear in the alphabet, you find a series of numbers. In the this case, ‘Frank’ becomes 25143. Now that you have the number and the encrypted clue (cipher text) you’re able to decode the clue. Do this by placing the number sequence over the code. Subtract the number from the letter by counting letters backwards. For instance if the code is HWBRN you’d go back two letters from H to get F. W goes back five places to find R. B moves back one to A and so on and so forth. Write the numbers out above the code skipping all spaces, but keeping the sequence of the numbers. Tricky, eh? This type of code is referred to as ‘polyalphabetic’ because the same letter in the cipher text could be several different letters in the plain text, that is, when it is decoded. Being polyalphabetic makes an encryption extremely difficult to crack.

W&G; LiRB C2 LB1
To solve the encryption which hides the starting point for this letterbox, answer this question. On what day does Wallace have porridge for breakfast? Use a Key Word Shift Cipher and the answer to decrypt.


You’ll come to a petite split in the trail which makes a small island with trail on both sides. To your right are bluffs, your left woods. Stand at the point of the island which greeted you first. From here travel into the woods 23 paces on a bearing of 132°. You’ll find a large downed tree running roughly parallel to the trail. C2 LB1 is concealed inside.

W&G; LiRB C2B2
Return to the trail and head west with the bluffs on your right. You’ll travel down until you find a large, downed tree who’s limbs would lay across the trail had they not been cut off. From this tree continue down the trail 70 paces. On the right, eight paces into the woods you’ll find a large ‘V’ black oak with thick bottom. Search the base and you’ll discover W&G; LiRB C2 LB2, and possibly a friend.

W&G; LiRB C3 LB1
To solve the encryption which hides the starting point for this letterbox, answer this question. Sometimes, there’s a yard-gnome in Wallace and Gromit’s front yard which holds a round, green sign which says what? Use a Key Word Shift Cipher and the answer to decrypt.


Travel up the valley until you find a massive downed tree on the left which had blocked the trail until its top was removed. It will be just before the trail turns sharply to the right and begins an ascent. On the left of the trail, near the main trunk is a large piece separated from the tree. Stand on this piece and attain a bearing of 20°. Spot a large downed tree in the woods and go to its base. From the base travel 22 paces at 85°. You’ll find a cozy LB home in the base of a smallish tree with an irregular base. After you’ve said hello, return to the trail.
Remember, only you can prevent Improper Re-hideation. Please be discrete in your LB activities and prudent in your re-hiding.

W&G; LiRB C3 LB2
Go up trail. At the intersections go straight through until small trail on left. This small trail will drop then rise quickly. At the lowest point (to the left) you’ll see the small entrance to Hog’s Graveyard Cave. Follow this little trail until you get to the gravel road. Once there, backtrack 10 paces. Facing away from the road, go right 8 paces to a small clearing. To your right will be the road and a small bog (may be dry in summer months). To your left will be a tall (6’ or so) stump with no branches. Standing at this staff go 2 ½ paces at 50°. Your cache is under two fallen trees of medium size. Once you’ve made your find, return to the main trail.

W&G; LiRB C3 LB2
Once back at the main trail, go left until you find a huge standing White Oak on the left with a large downed tree just past it. To the right of the trail, opposite these two you’ll find a large downed tree. Take 5 paces off the trail to the trunk and find you reward. After logging in, return to the trail and continue to the right. You’ll eventually come to a silo and a Y. Go left and pass another silo. Follow this trail down to the rock bridge and across the bottom to where it Ts into the trail which lead to the Mills Shelter.